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Northside Business Association (NBA)                                

The Northside Business Association was founded as the Northside Business Club and has been serving Northside since 1907. We're the official voice with the City of Cincinnati for the Northside Business District. The Northside Business Association works hard to create and maintain a resurgent atmosphere in the Northside Business District that has helped spawn redevelopment and to be a resource for all Northside Businesses and works to continually improve our neighborhood.

The NBA's list of accomplishments is long and includes: The streetscape project on Hamilton Avenue; the Northside Business District parking lots; Hamilton Avenue sidewalk cleaning; the 4th of July festival; lighting Hoffner Park for the holidays; the Hamilton Avenue planters; creation of the Northside Citizens on Patrol; Northside Business District WiFi; the Northside Website; the Northside Brochure; the South Block welcome sign; numerous cleanups; Northside night at the WCET Action Auction; and the Northside Art Sale. We've also participated in: the Northside Land Use Plan; blocking a proposed Walgreens on Hamilton Avenue; Bits & Pieces; The Northsider; the ArtWorks Mural on Hamilton Avenue; getting McPerry's torn down; the Northside Farmers Market; Northside Radio Ads (featuring Jerry Spinger no less: 1, 2, & 3); Northside CityBeat Ads.



  • Parking Lots - meeting next week
    As many of you know, the Northside Business Association owns and operates several parking lots in and around the Northside Historic Business District. The existence of these lots has helped our business district survive and is often cited by businesses when asked why they moved to the neighborhood. The operation and maintenance of these lots is one of the NBA's top priorities and absorbs a lot of our time and effort. At various times we have engaged companies to manage the lots but for the past year or so the NBA has been maintaining and operating the lots on our own. This is largely handled by our parking lot committee, and we thank them. The parking lot committee will be holding a meeting this Monday, October 20th at 4pm at Happen, Inc., 4201 Hamilton Avenue and all are welcome to attend. Feel free to drop in if you have questions about the lots, would like to help, would like us to help you, or if you just want to hear our plans for the coming year. We would love to get some feedback from businesses that use the lots or have customers that use the lots.
  • It's renewal time! In order to be included on the You Are Here signs and the Northside You Are Here app, your membership must be current! Be sure to print your Northside Business Association Membership Application and bring it to the meeting to renew your membership or join online.
  • Check us out on Facebook and Twitter!
  • The new parking kiosks are intalled in the Lingo lot. For monthly or annual parking passes good for any of our community parking lots please email us at or call us at (513) 201-5767
  • At our October meeting we will be discussing the Neighborhood Business District Support Fund (NBDSF) grant which is $4800 allocated by the City of Cincinnati for projects that benefit the business district. Come out and help us decide the best way to allocate these funds. Our membership meetings are open public meetings.
  • Check out the minutes from our September meeting.



Monday, at 6pm.

The NBA meets the first Monday of the month at Happen, Inc, 4201 Hamilton Avenue.  Enter the building through the door on Chase at Hamilton.


NBA President: Bruce Demske
Phone: 541-4745

Northside Business Association
c/o North Side Bank and Trust
4125 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati OH 45223


Bruce Demske President Chris Nascimento Director
Jim Swafford Vice President Kim Maurer Director
Meredith Green Vice President James Heller-Jackson Director
Leonard Mueller Treasurer Tommy Rueff Director
Isaac Heintz Secretary Victor Williams Director
Kay Doran Director Bob Sala Director
Larry Wells Director Lisa Kagen Director
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