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Northside History

Northside started out inauspiciously enough as Section 28. The tract was separated roughliy in half - divided diagonally from northwest to south east. Over the years these 2 triangular properties were divided over and over into non uniform shapes and as sections were platted for residential development. It was a fairly unorganized and unplanned process.

This accounts for some of the odd street alignments & "pockets" in the neighborhood that help define it's character today.

The village of Cumminsville was incorporated in 1865 & annexed into Cincinnati shortly afterwards in 1873. The northern portion adopted the old nckname of Northside in the 1980s.

In 1804 there were 4 houses in section 28. In 1884 there were 450. By 1970 there were over 3,000.

At that time there were still 70 acres of non contiguous undeveloped land in Northside. Little by little, with improving building technology that is slowly being developed, now, too.

Northside was a home to business and industry and to the folks who owned and worked in those businesses. This gives the neighborhood a broad spectrum of homes that continue to contribute to the neighborhood's current eclectic mix of residents. The business district was designated a local historic district in 1982.

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