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Northside House Tour

We would like to thank the following for making the 2014 tour a success.

Tour Essentials

  • Owners of the homes on the tour
  • St. Boniface Church
  • McKie Recreation Center,
  • Cincinnati Recreation Commission, City of Cincinnati
  • The Children's Home of Northern Kentucky (vans)
  • Tour volunteers

In-Kind Support

  • ArtWorks
  • Mark Behnken
  • Building Value
  • Churches Active in Northside
  • Cintas
  • Department of Public Services, City of Cincinnati
  • Ken Hamilton
  • Happen, Inc.
  • North Side Bank and Trust Company
  • Northside Branch Library, Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
  • Northside Citizens on Patrol Program
  • Shake It Records
  • Taylor Jameson Hair Design
  • WhatnotCreative

Financial Support

  • North Side Bank and Trust Co.
  • Gwen Mooney Funeral Homes

Northside House Tour poster by Alan Hopfesperger

House Tour Committee

  • Mark Behnken
  • Marc Bruin
  • Emily Chopelas,
  • Mark Christol
  • Winnie Goodridge
  • Carolyn Gutjahr
  • Sandy Hamilton
  • Alan Hopfensperger
  • Tom Miller
  • Diane Stroud
  • Tricia Suit
  • Jan Wilson


  • Carolyn Gutjahr
  • Sandy Hamilton

Advance Ticket Sales:

  • Winnie Goodridge

Clean Up:

  • Cindy Sherding
  • McKie Youth
  • UC Volunteers
  • The Northside Neighborhood

Day of Tour Ticket Sales:

  • Jan Wilson
  • Heather Kinsman
  • Barry Schwartz
  • Diane Stroud
  • Bev Spangler
  • Marti Senerchia
  • Debbie Grauel
  • Elissa Yancey
  • Jenn Ballard

Floral Design:

  • Mark Behnken

Graphic Design:

  • Alan Hopfensperger

Passport Copy:

  • Maureen Bloomfield
  • Carolyn Gutjahr
  • Cathy Hale
  • Ellen Thomas-Arnold

Poster Distribution:

  • Emily Chopelas

Preview Tour Hosts:

  • Marti and Michael Dourson


  • Tricia Suit

Shuttle van and tour route coordination:

  • Tom Miller

Website, Online Ticket Sales:

  • Mark Christol

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