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Street and Place Names

Many of the streets and parks around Northside are named after community leaders as well as the founders of Cumminsville.

  • Badgley Avenue/Badgley Run Park - Robert Badgley was one of the original settlers of Cumminsville.
  • Bates Avenue - Daniel Bates was a businessman and one of the founders of Cumminsville.
  • Burgoyne Avenue - Erastus M. Burgoyne worked as a carpenter and teacher.  He was a leader in establishing a quality school system in Cumminsville.
  • Chambers Avenue - Charlotte Chambers was the wife of Israel Ludlow.
  • Chase Avenue - Salmon P. Chase served as Governor of Ohio, a United States senator, Secretary of the US Treasury and was a Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.
  • Cumminsville - David Cummins was one of the original settlers of Cumminsville.  He ran a tannery and later, served as a judge in Indiana.  He is also one of the people who stakes out the claim as being the first born of Cincinnati.
  • William P Dooley Bypass - William P. Dooley was the civil engineer who proposed the bypass.
  • Fergus Avenue - David Fergus was the first minister to reside in Cumminsville.
  • Gulow Avenue - August Gulow was a tailor, a Turner and president of the First German Savings & Loan Company.
  • Haight Street - John Haight was a minister and a dentist.
  • Hamilton Avenue - Alexander Hamilton was not a resident; he was Secretary of the Treasury when the road was developed.
  • Hays Avenue - Colonel Oliver Hays.
  • Hoffner Street & Park - Jacob Hoffner was a businessman and landowner in Cumminsville.
  • Jergens Park - This was the old estate of Andrew Jergens, a maker of cosmetics.
  • Kirby Road - Timothy Kirby was a lawyer and an agent of the United States Bank.
  • Knowlton Avenue- Ephraim Knowlton was a businessman who was also ivolved in building a mile of the Miami-Erie canal adjacent to Cumminsville.
  • Lakeman Street - Joseph F Lakeman was a wagon builder.  He served in various positions in the municipal government and served as mayor of Cumminsville.
  • Langland Avenue - Alexander Langlands was an early settler.  He hosted the first religious services in his barn in Mill Creek Station.
  • Lingo Street- Caleb Lingo and his brother Josiah were businessmen who operated a sawmill in Cumminsville.
  • Ludlow Avenue - Israel Ludlow was the original surveyor of the lands of southwest Ohio.  He was an original settler of Cumminsville.
  • Mad Anthony Wayne - General Anthony Wayne was responsible for encouraging the local indian tribes to sign the Treaty of Greenville which paved the way for white settlement of southwestern Ohio and the development of Cumminsville.
  • McKie Center - Stanley McKie was a member of the Ohio State Senate and House of Representatives, as well as a local school board member.
  • Parker Woods - Alexander Langlands Parker (grandson of Alexander Langlands) sold the land to the city for park space.
  • Pitts Avenue - John A. Pitts was a Civil War veteran who was instrumental in the building of the Cumminsville library.
  • Pullan Avenue - Richard B. Pullan.
  • Robinson Court - John Robinson was a land owner and a circus owner.
  • Turrill Street- M S Turrill was a Freemason and an educator, serving as superintendent of the Cumminsville schools as weel as in other public duties.
  • Wesleyan Cemetery - Wesley Chapel's Catherine Street Cemetry in Cincinnati became too small and the interred were moved to the new Wesleyan Cemetery in 1843.

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