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Cincinnati Northside Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation

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The Cincinnati Northside Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (CNCURC - pronounced "chirk") is a volunteer, non-profit Northside neighborhood-specific community development corporation whose goals are: addressing blighted and vacant property conditions; promoting homeownership; encouraging new business development; deterring crime. CNCURC also plans to accomplish goals identified in the approved Land Reuse Plan for the Colerain Connector and the Northside Comprehensive Land Use Plan presented to the City of Cincinnati in June, 2005. CNURC was incorporated September 29, 2005.

CNCURC Code of Regulations

Cincinnati Northside Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (CNCURC) and S. Flavio Espinoza Sign Contract for the Northside HOME House Project

Aside from a few minor changes and recommendations CNCURC and the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) are nearing final approval of S. Flavio Espinoza’s architectural drawing of two new “green” houses proposed to be built at the corner of Chase and Fergus.  Click on the picture of the house for a bigger picture and more information.Click for more information

The homes’ features include:

  • Two stories
  • Three bedrooms
  • Two baths
  • Laundry facility on the 2nd floor
  • Approximately 1,400 square feet
  • Detached garage
“Green” features include:
  • Innovative and high performance contemporary design
  • Construction with environmentally friendly building materials
  • Paint and building products that are low-voc (volatile organic compounds)
  • Water to air - high efficiency heating system
  • Natural ventilation
  • High efficiency appliances
  • A handicapped-friendly first floor design integrating Universal Design features

For additional information about purchase of a HOME House please contact Michael Berry at 910-2202 or by email at

Seeking Donations to Support HOME House Construction

CNCURC and CAC have compiled a preliminary Sponsorship Wish List of new items needed for the HOME House project.  Items must fit into the schematic plans of the design.  If interested in full or partial sponsorship please contact Peter Huttinger at 542-1745 or by email at  Contributions are tax deductible.  Donors names will be posted at the construction site.

Sponsorship Wish List

Appliances: ("Energy Star" rated appliances, in white.)

  • Refrigerator
  • Stove (gas)
  • Washer
  • Dryer (gas)


  • Boiler
  • Domestic Hot Water - Solar (gas-assisted solar collector)
  • Whole-house fan
  • AC - Central Air Unit

Fixtures: (Low-flow plumbing fixtures)

  • Door knobs (interior & exterior)
  • Sink – kitchen & bath
  • Faucets – kitchen & bath
  • Tub and shower (tub enclosure or curtain)
  • Lighting – interior & exterior


  • Kitchen counter cabinets
  • Bathroom vanities


  • Exterior – front & rear
  • Interior – Bedroom, bathroom, closet

Fergus Street Homeownership Project

Bounded by Pullan Avenue on the north, Lingo Street on the south, Mad Anthony Street on the east and Williamson Place on the west, the Fergus Street Homeownership Project (the "Project") is designed to increase homeownership in a depressed and densely populated area in Northside that has been subjected to increased rates of foreclosures, vacancies and crime. CNCURC identified redevelopment of the corners of Chase Avenue at Fergus and Mad Anthony streets most critical to the success of the Project.

Phase One

CNCURC’s board members worked with the City of Cincinnati and property owners to implement Phase One of the Fergus Street Homeownership Project. City Community Block Grant Funds allocated for Phase One have served as the start up dollars used to purchase five blighted properties located on Chase Avenue at the corners of Fergus and Mad Anthony:

  • 1438 Chase Avenue
  • 4200/4202 Fergus Street
  • 4204 Fergus Street
  • 4205 Mad Anthony – includes two buildings

CNCURC has also used the Block Grant funds to relocate two business tenants who operated at the corner store, formerly known as McPerry Food, Inc. Plans are to use the funds to hire a Project Manger, cover administrative costs, and pay for the demolition of the three properties located at the corner of Chase Avenue and Fergus Street. Demolition was started on May 18 and completed on May 25, 2006.

1438 Chase Avenue and 4200/4202, 4204 Fergus Street

In collaboration with the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, CNCURC will begin work needed to construct two new "The HOME House Project" homes on the northwest corner of Chase and Avenue immediately following demolition.

4205 Mad Anthony Street

CNCURC plans to rehabilitate and convert this corner building located on the NE corner of Chase Avenue and Mad Anthony Street into two single-family homeownership units. Plans for the second building on this site, directly behind the corner building, will be based on whether CNCURC’s gains site control of 4207 Mad Anthony Street and will be announced later.

In collaboration with the District 5 Police Department, CNCURC will also incorporate “Crime Reduction Through Environmental Design” recommendations submitted by the police in the Project’s design.


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